Dum spiro, spero
It is the destiny of stars to collapse.

And I ask myself if this is how stars feel when the sky swallows them whole.








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Hunters to Soldiers.

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Icarus was the son of famed craftsman Daedalus and both lived in Crete under the rule of King Minos. There the king had Daedalus craft a Labyrinth to imprison the monstrous Minotaur. When heroic Theseus came to slay the monster, Daedalus told Ariadne, daughter of the King,  how to survive in the maze and she in turn relayed the information to Theseus, who she had fallen in love with. When King Minos learned of this he imprisoned Icarus and his father in the Labyrinth. There Daedalus constructed wings made of feathers and wax. He and Icarus were intent on escaping by using the wings, but Icarus, once in the air, flew too close to the sun and the wax holding the feathers together melted, leaving Icarus to fall into the sea and drown. 

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I want a superhero movie where the hero dies in the first ten minutes and the woman who was supposed to be the love interest puts on his costume and becomes an even better hero.

I want all of the advertising to be for the hero and none of the marketing to even allude to this death.

imagine all the male tears

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Cinder / Scarlet / Cress / Winter

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Noah appeared beside Blue. He looked joyful and adoring, like a Labrador retriever.
Noah had decided almost immediately that he would do anything for Blue.

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Invisible threads are the strongest ties.

The dynamic and growth between these two is some of the best character writing I’ve ever seen. Of course, a lot of it has to do with the seamless chemistry between them, but the parallels above are just so important and so profound.

The first is still something we’ve yet to fully understand, whether it’s the red string of fate, the anchor, the emotional tether or simply Lydia’s banshee powers, but there was definitely an undeniable connection between these two characters throughout the whole of Riddled that may actually come closest to the Alpha twins’ connection - their ability to feel when the other is in pain. Or in this case, the ability to hear the other’s suffering, which is not something we can just shrug off as insignificant filler writing.

The second is one that’s more funny and quirky than anything else, but it still goes to show how far the two of them have come - how Lydia is confident enough to defend her life with Stiles’ choice weapon, even when she’d previously criticized it. By extension, this is essentially how much Lydia trusts Stiles and his judgment, and given how intelligent and pragmatic Lydia is, this is a big deal.

The third parallel has been a consistent thing throughout the seasons - Stiles and Lydia have come to depend on the other more than they know, but it isn’t anything toxic or harmful to their independent growth. Instead, it’s a matter of guidance and comfort. Lydia was very close to being in horrible pain, but when Stiles nodded up to her, she put her life in his hands, simply with a look. And Stiles, having no idea what was behind the door in Mexico, looked back at Lydia for reassurance. They depend on each other’s judgment and they use it in their own lives to make major decisions, and that kind of trust and reliance between two characters on the show is, I think, something unprecedented.

The fourth parallel speaks for itself - they can pull each other back from turmoil. No matter how personal, no matter how terrifying, the other finds a way to pull their attention away to a safer place, even just for a moment. They have an impact on each other in situations that could ultimately swallow them whole, like they’re literally each other’s flotation devices.

Finally, the fifth one, the famous red string, is one of my favourites. I’ve always thought the red string was a sort of visual representation of feeling lost, confused and scared. Unsolved, so to speak. When Lydia’s wrapping it around her finger, I think she feels more lost than she’s ever felt - not knowing how to control her banshee powers and all the while feeling so used to being right after years and years of being the genius, and that’s something hard for her to come to terms with. Stiles unwraps the string and tells her just what I’m sure was going through Lydia’s mind - you were right before, you must be right again. Seconds later, the epiphany comes along and it turns out that Lydia was right after all. And then when the tables are turned, when Stiles goes missing and is literally lost, literally scared out of his mind, Lydia is the one to really find him through the red string - because even if he wasn’t physically in Eichen House, that’s where his suffering occurred during Riddled -  just as she essentially found herself with Stiles’ help.

If the Japanese red string theory really is incorporated into Stiles and Lydia’s story, then it’s been done beautifully. The invisible and unbreakable red string attaches two people who are essentially soulmates and keeps them tethered together through life until they find each other, and in the case of Stiles and Lydia…well, they really did find each other, didn’t they? 

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the best moment in tv history

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Inspa (x

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Mud Pie

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